HEY! Welcome to my site where I’ll be launching my new products meant to spread the Christianity faith. My upcoming products would range from workout regiments all the way to e-books. My aim is to incorporate Christianity into every single aspect of our daily lives. So that when we face any challenges in life we won’t rely on our own efforts but in Christ alone.¬†In terms of my profits, I’ll be donating 60% of it to charity and 40% to my college fund.


So about me: I am a 17 year old teenager in Singapore that is finding new creative ways so spread the christian faith. By publishing a website publishing and selling my own personal products allows me to not only incorporate the Christianity faith into households but also allows me to gain the experience of managing my own business and also gain the opportunity to help others through giving 60% of my total profits to charity. This would also allow me to take a step closer towards my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Visit https://sikishub.com.

So I’ll be creating my own products that I personally think it’s helpful and want to share it with the world. I’ll also be promoting items that I personally use and think it’s beneficial.